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Nancy: the Paperwork Witch Empty Nancy: the Paperwork Witch

Post by Mahō no Hīrō ★ Kishi-kun on Mon Jul 31, 2017 11:37 pm

This is Manilla N. Vellope, according to her fancy nametag. She goes by Nancy for obvious reasons. Nancy is dressed in a smart, light grey,  business suit and a matching light grey witch hat. She looks a little bit irritated about something, no doubt related to a lack of productivity somewhere.

Nancy carries a briefcase, much like her wayward employee Jeffery. Of course, being a higher level employee with a bigger paycheck, her's is much better. It comes with plenty of extra Space to store all the paperwork she could ever want, as well as containing a walk-in closet for all of her business suit and witch hat needs. It also comes complete with a small bedroom.

Nancy: the Paperwork Witch Nancy10
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