Jeffery: The mid-level accountant

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Jeffery: The mid-level accountant Empty Jeffery: The mid-level accountant

Post by Mahō no Hīrō ★ Kishi-kun on Mon Jul 31, 2017 11:48 pm

This is Jeffery. It's easy to know this, as his name tag says "Hi, I'm Jeffery." Not that the name tag talks. Jeffery isn't interesting enough to have a talking name tag. Jeffery is an accountant. Not an interesting accountant. In fact, Jeffery isn't an interesting much of anything. He does have a paisley tie, though. Maybe that counts? (Not really.)

The only thing about him that could be remotely remarkable would be his shoes. They are black dress shoes polished to a high sheen, you can see your reflection in them if you look hard enough. Why anyone would take the time to polish them that much is the real question.

His only other item of significance is his trusty briefcase. This thing has been packed with all the essentials a traveling accountant could need: toiletries, a spare suit, a spare name tag, shoe polish and a stained rag to go along with it, a set of business cards to promote his company while he is on the move, and other things like that.
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