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Post by Mahō no Hīrō ★ Kishi-kun on Mon Jul 31, 2017 11:50 pm

This is the Mechanist.

This 30-something man is wearing what might be called a labcoat, if it wasn't a garish camo pattern. Other than that, he's wearing a tattered outfit that looks more like something a college professor would wear. He also has a pair of glasses on that are attached to a large, segmented metal backpack by a few cables. (And let's not forget that 5 O'clock shadow)

In addition to... Whatever that backpack is (Man, that thing looks heavy), the Mechanist also has a bulky pistol strapped to his waist, and some suspicious bulges in the pockets of his coat that might be grenades... Or his lunch. It's hard to tell, since the pockets on the labcoat are pretty deep, but the somewhat menacing tribal tattoos do make a statement.

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