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Miscommunicated by Mammet

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Miscommunicated by Mammet Empty Miscommunicated by Mammet

Post by Cid Garlond on Fri Jul 28, 2017 1:21 am


The Ironworks was rather quiet. It had opened only recently, and the lack of employees was deafening. The Chief Engineer Cid Garlond sat with a computer to his back, his chair turned around, staring at a small mammet.


Cid let out a very long sigh and rubbed his temple as he looked back at the automaton.

"Alright, so explain to me again what you said we were financing."
"i SeNt A mEsSaGe AbOuT tHe GoLeM tHaT yOu WeRe SpOnSoRiNg."
"Right. So why in the seven hells does it say we're sponsoring a big rock?"

The Garlean engineer facepalmed again. Mammets were very rudamentory constructs, and while they did develop personalities over time, they weren't very smart personalities. It made getting information from them difficult.

And Cid was quickly learning not to trust them with telling other people information.

"...How is it false."
"wE aRe SpOnSoRiNg A MaGiTeK vAnGuArD."
"Did you explain magitek?"
"Did you just say golem?"
Cid leaned over and smacked the mammet's helmet, giving off a loud ringing sound.
"Bloody hell. Well hopefully these people aren't completely incompetent fighters."
Cid Garlond
Cid Garlond

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