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Post by Admin on Fri Jul 28, 2017 9:04 pm

From Heros for Hire! we got..

Hope, some bitch with a lot of knives.... and her pet dog... or something, is that legal? (Cool

Glenn, Literally just a guy with some guns. (5)
Kirk, Also a guy with some guns.(Whatever)

Kimen, Some mage kid... probably, either that or he's really good with a dagger.(10)
Khazgrisomething, short guy with an axe. (13)

From One of the random adventuring bands roaming the cleft. They've entered under "Seekers"

Ruby, Some bitch with a glaive and a bow... she uses both apparently.(11)
Frank, a big hulking knight with a huge sword and a crossbow. (3)
Kadarwhatever, a flimsy teenager that's probably some kind of mage.(7)
V(literally, that's all that's there for her name), another flimsy teenager with no weapons... maybe a caster? (2)
Issomething, an esper, definitely a mage.(15)
Maddie, literally a little girl... like not in the a tiny teenager I mean actually a child. Literally fights with dolls.(12)
Clay, another child... has chains... not in the kinky way, it's a kid.(14)
Hyper Band

Vex, some young adult without a weapon, caster(9)
Vox, see above.(6)
Torque, big giganto with a club, a stereotype.(Cool
Kell, also brought animals to a 1 v 1 fight.... two of them.. has a short sword. (2)
Giz, a tech based fighter... also a huge nerd.(12)
Band of the Raven.

Clayton, AGAIN a child... .... I think he' atlest 13... he has a stick.(10)
Trinity, A soldier bitch. (1)
Giacomo, a soldier asshole... has a giant beyblade or something I don't know.(11)
Wrench, that's a LOT of weapons on his entry form.... like holy shit.(7)

A giant fucking rock, Sponsored by Garlond industries.  (13)
Fizersomething, A fish. (6)
Teravin, a Knight or something. (3)
Max, Some guy with a swordgun.(9)
May, Some girl with a gunsword... I can't make this shit up.(5)
Rocky, Also a rock.... at least this one has a name.    (1)
Keeper, Some asshole with some matches or something (15)
Honking sounds, He probably has a name but fuck him this is creepy... exploding pastries (14)
Kate, Literally a pirate... yarr (Whatever)

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Post by Crossroads on Fri Aug 18, 2017 2:47 pm

Round 1 - Isaakios vs Keeper
Round 2 - Maddie vs Giz
Round 3 - Frank vs Teravin
Round 4 - Glenn vs May
Round 5 - Khazrim vs Golem
Round 6 - Kimen vs Clayton
Round 7 - Vox vs Fish Dude
Round 8 - Kirk vs Pirate Lady
Round 9 - Ruby vs Giacomo
Round 10 - Wrench vs Kad
Round 11 - Vex vs Max
Round 12 - Clay vs Clown
Round 13 - Torque vs Hope
Round 14 - TBA


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