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Round 2 Combatants [HFH]

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Round 2 Combatants [HFH] Empty Round 2 Combatants [HFH]

Post by Chikatsu_Star on Wed Oct 04, 2017 8:33 pm

The first round presented a good opportunity to view the matches and see what kind of fighters we are likely to face in the next round. Here are the victors of the matches I viewed and what I was able to learn of them from watching them. With any luck, we might be able to pool together our knowledge and come up with a strategy to defeat them. When you can, please view the replay footage of each of the fights.


Wears plate-mail but it doesn’t hinder him at all. He also uses a crossbow, large sword. He is insanely strong and agile despite the armor he wears. He is also really big. Like his armor, his sword has runes which allowed him to set it ablaze during combat. He was powerful enough to cut through his opponent’s armor.

She is strong, vicious and fast. We’ve seen her even take on Ms. Nancy!  I missed most of the fight, but She was actually able to pick me up without any trouble afterwards. She was really sort when she was returned to the viewing room. She didn’t seem to realize who Mr. Glenn and I were at first.


Uses magic to fight and a curved blade. Seen using electricity, ice and fire in his attacks. It seems like he tries to get a rise out of people so be careful not to let him toy with you emotionally. Do not underestimate his intelligence no matter what antics he seems to be trying to use. Getting under your skin is just a tactic he uses. He might even lay a trap for you.

She might seem friendly, funny and energetic but she is also a very clever and possibly dangerous opponent to face. This is also someone you shouldn’t underestimate. She knew exactly where the weak points of her opponent’s golem were and she did everything she could do to exploit them. Not only that, but she also distorted her enemy’s perception of what was happening in combat by hiding the fact that she was placing grenades as she climbed on top of the golem. Used a pistol, grenades and an axe she found.


He is a very skilled fighter that knows how to use an insane array of weapons. I never saw him use magic though. Kadaryata managed to get one strike in by taking him by surprise. Outside of that, he seemed to dominate the majority of the fight.

If you Have anything to add or comments on the other fights that might help, please discuss them here.

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