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Post by Chikatsu_Star on Tue Jul 25, 2017 8:38 pm


That was something Kimen had not been able to partake in for quite a long time. In fact, when was the last time he had paused to do something fun or something he enjoyed? He honestly couldn’t remember. Life lately had been a constant stream of stress, worries, nightmares, studying, and researching.

Could she stop and play even if it was just for a little while? Taking a few minutes to play and allow herself to forget her troubles for a little while couldn’t hurt that much, could it? Nobody needed her nor could they even find her right now. No one else seemed to know about this secret, dusty office.

After being directed to the documents folder on the computer he was using, Kimen started to click through things, hoping to find what he was looking for. There seemed to be a lot of files on the screen. She clicked on one of them, frowning as a message popped up indicating the folder was locked.
He tried again with a few more files, encountering the same problem. Had he done something wrong? He turned back to the forum;

Re: What Do People Normally Use Computers For?
Post by Chikatsu_Star
I am looking through the documents folder but I can't seem to access a lot of the things in it. Is it supposed to be like that?

While she waited for a response she turned back to the file and tried clicking on a few more, most ending up with the same result until something different finally happened. A file titled ‘Hello’ brought up a small box with a musical note and some arrow buttons.

A male voice started to speak through the computer speakers.

"Hello! If you're listening to this then I'm more likely than not dead....”

Taken by surprise by the sudden voice Kimen nearly jumped out of his seat, the office chair rolling backwards.

“An acceptable outcome to this story... because it means I was wrong..... and there's quite a lot that I would give for that to be the case..... Before we begin, I'd like to introduce myself. my name is Raion, my last name is unimportant.”

Kimen let out a sigh, then rolled the chair back up to the desk and listened. Not entirely sure what she had stumbled upon. She listened, watching the bar in the window creep along indicating how much time was left of the recording. It looked short.

“I was the first Guild master for Heros for Hire and depending on how they choose to represent the events of what happened.... you might not even know my name... But let me make one thing clear, I am the villain of that story.... the protagonist of this one... What follows in these audio logs is the story of my birth, my life, and my death.... I'm sure in the next life, I'll reap what I've sown... In the mean time, I hope these logs shed some light onto my upbringing... and afford some mercy for my siblings... for the Forgotten."

As the recording ended, a message popped up on the screen.

The next log, "Born" will unlock in two days.

Kimen sat in silence for a moment, had any of the old guild members mentioned Raion? He honestly couldn’t remember that name popping up anywhere, even in passing. He wondered if he should bring it up. Gemma or Iona or Nancy might know a little more and if he should bring it up with them.

She checked the forum, seeing a reply there.

Re: What Do People Normally Use Computers For?
Post by M1911
That's...rather odd. It sounds like you don't have access to administrator privileges, and if that is the case then you're going to have to find whoever does have them.

Kimen frowned, then sent a reply back.

Re: What Do People Normally Use Computers For?
Post by Chikatsu_Star
That might be difficult. I think the person who owned the computer is dead.

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